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The BlissfulSage Scholarship Program
for students in economically developing countries

Sage and Bliss, through their wisdom and desire to help others in need, were the inspiration for this foundation. Even though an Elementary education in Belize is “Free” some parents in Belize are often faced with the daunting realty of extreme financial difficulty of supporting their children beyond the “free” Elementary education.

The BlissfulSage Foundation Inc. (BSFI) provides scholarships to Junior High/High school students in Belize and Uganda. The two BlissfulSage Scholars in Belize and one student in Uganda have been selected based on their financial need as well as their academic excellence. Your generous donation will help these three scholars to pay their Tuition, Fees, books, Uniforms, and transportation. We pledge to provide updates on these three scholars as they continue to grow and mature over the next four years. In so doing you will see the impact of your contribution.

As president and Founder of the BlissfulSage foundation Inc., I am living proof that your support and generosity makes a difference. Don’t take for granted the impact of your generosity. Your contribution WILL make a difference in the life of a child.
Blissfulsage Scholars

BeackyAloti-OgwalBeacky Aloti-Ogwal
12 years old Primary Seven
Gayaza Girls' Junior School
Lira Uganda

"I Thank the Blissfulsage Foundation so much for all the effort they have put in our family and on me and I request you to continue".

Tuition and School Fees
US $250.00 Annually
$400,000 Ugandan schillings(us)
Exchange rate: $160,000us = US $1.00

MaryDionicioMary Dionicio,
14 years old First Form
Ecumenical High School
Stann Creek District, Belize C.A

"The scholarship would mean a lot to my family and I because it would help me go through four years of school without a lot of expense. It can also help my family because they need to pay registration fee for my older sister. No one in my family has finished high school and I want to make them proud of me. It can help me to further my education and become a bank manager."

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee - 475.00
Books - 550.00
Uniform - $180.00 (3 sets)

Jimmy Alexander BullJimmy Alexander Bull
13 years old - First Form
Independence High School,
Stann Creek District, Belize, Central America

"Hi, my name is Jimmy Alexander Bull. I am thirteen years old and I am a student of Independence high school in Stann Creek District, Belize, Central America. I gratefully accept this award and I promise to work hard and maintain good grades.

"I would like to thank the Blissfulsage Foundation for choosing me for this scholarship because I know there are many other students who also deserved it. I am glad that this foundation is helping students like me in developing countries around the world."

Alex Bull

Tuition and School Fees

School Fees for the year $175.00
Registration Fees $120.00
Text Books $240.00
Uniforms $230.00

Please note that the cost shown is Belize dollars.
(exchange Rate 2-1)

Kylon EileyKylon Eiley
12 years old - First Form
Independence High School
Belize, Central America

"I will surely appreciate this scholarship to help me in achieving my education. My mom has two of us in school and I know it's a struggle for her. We still have not gotten all our books as yet. We are now struggling to get a computer because we need the money for school and food. This scholarship will help both me and my mom a lot. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity."

Kylon Eiley

Tuition and School Fees

School Fees for the year $175.00
Registration Fees $120.00
Text Books $240.00
Uniforms $230.00


The BlissfulSage Foundation, Inc.
840 Echo Park Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Attention: Raquel Battle