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Special Education

Through the Blissfulsage Foundation and Care-Belize partnership to provide resource libraries, staff development and Special Education awareness programs we will be addressing the following Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

   1. Achieve universal primary education
   2. Reduce child mortality
   3. Improve maternal health
   4. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
   5. Develop a global partnership for development

Our on-ground contact in Belize is Mr. Evan Cowo, whose unwavering commitment to improving the plight of individuals with special needs must be applauded and celebrated.

Although there is a public school system in Belize, there are still substantial costs involved in sending a child to primary school, and especially to high school. While the education itself is "free", parents are required to pay for compulsory uniforms, books and supplies, and annual registration fees.

Often, traditionally large families do not have the income to provide all their children with even a primary school education, let alone provide a disabled child with a special education. Generally, disabled children are not welcome in standard primary or high school classrooms, where teachers are already overburdened and would not have the time, training, or supplemental materials required to adequately addresses the needs of special students.

While some efforts are made at inclusion in schools for students with physical handicaps, this is on a very small scale, and there still remain very few education possibilities for the majority of those with physical handicaps, not to mention those with learning disabilities and more inhibiting developmental disorders.

Learn more about special education in Belize by visiting the Care-Belize web site at