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BlissfulSage Angels

How kids can get involved...

Hi kids! Did you know that the BlissfulSage Foundation is named after us? Bliss and Sage! This Foundation was started before our brother, Zion, was born, but he's an honorary Board member just like we are.

We do what we can to help support children in Belize. My mom was born and raised in Belize. We are constantly thinking up ways to help. Mom says we have good ideas, and we think you might have some ideas too, so we want to hear from you. Tell us your name, age, and any ideas you have for helping kids less fortunate than we are. The best ideas may become part of the work we do!


Let us tell you why we support children with cancer. One reason is because we are children but that is not the whole story. Three years ago our Grandpa died from postate cancer in Belize. When he had cancer he had to travel to the Mexico and the United states to receive treatment because there was no cancer treatment centers in Belize. He lived in Virginia with us for six months and we had a good time together when he was not in too much pain. Grandpa was very funny and always teased us and made us laugh.

Thank to a Belizean Doctor by the name of Dr. Grant and a nurse Ms. Dellone Pascascio there is now a cancer treatment clinic in Dangriga, Belize. This Center offers chemotherapy to cancer patients. We still do not have radiation treatment in the Country of Belize. On October 3rd, 2009 we will celebrate the 1st anniversary of the opening of the Belize Cancer Center Dangriga. Our Goal is to get as many children as possible involved to support the children with cancer who receive treatment at this clinic. Most of these children travel long distances to reach the center (up to 4 hours sometimes) and many cannot afford the treatment. Dr. Grant is a kind man and does not turn anyone away. He does all he can to help them but he needs some help from us to support these children.

We are looking for an ambassador to be the face of our “BlissfulSage Angels” Cancer support program. Just like Forrest did for the Gulisi School!!! Call us our e-mail below.
Become an ambassador for this program: Donate US$300 or Host a party and donate proceeds OR celebrate your birthday and ask your friends to write a check to the Blissfulsage Foundation. OR do something creative!!!


For Example the very first person to respond to our request for support for children is a boy from Washington State. His name is Forrest. Forest decided that he wanted to do something to help the Children at Gulisi Community Primary School in Dangriga, Belize.

Forrest decided that he would have his 8th birthday party and ask his family and friends to bring school supplies to donate to the children of Gulisi school. His mom sent a box of supplies to my mom, President and Founder of the Blissfulsage Foundation and we helped to pack the supplies in a large barrel that we shipped to Gulisi school in Belize. Read more about Gulisi on the Mission Trips page.

Look at the pictures of Forrest and his friends!!! We would like to thank Forest and his family for their support. We look forward to hearing from them again and we hope that they will visit Gulisi Community primary school one day soon.

 Forrest and friends

Forrest with donated school supplies

Ambassadors: Forrest Walker - Washington State

NEEDS: computers, school supplies, photo copiers, Alphasmarts.


If you live further away, you might want to help by sponsoring a child with school uniforms (US$25) or saving your pennies for Zion's Penny Drive. The pennies you send in will be used to buy school uniforms and shoes.

Ambassadors: Zion Battle - California; Sage Battle - California; Bliss Battle - California.

NEEDS: Uniform ($), shoes and socks.


We want you to think of ways to support children with special needs in Belize. Through our partnership with CARE BELIZE we support children with physical disabilities. Many of these children and not allowed in schools for many different reasons. Instead of keeping these children locked away we help to create a place for them to go and learn. We establish resource center around the country of Belize. We opened the first center in Dangriga, Belize two years ago. We need your help to continue to create safe learning environments for these children.

Thanks to a generous donations of books from A child’s Garden school Rummage Sale we were able to establish our first center in Belize. We have five more centers to establish and we need your help. Let us know how you can help!!!

Ambassadors: A Child’s Garden School- San Gabriel California

NEEDS: soft toys, interactive toys, Computer por each center (6), books for children, teachers and administrators.

The BlissfulSage Foundation, Inc.
840 Echo Park Avenue
Los Angeles, CA, 90026
Attn: Bliss, Sage & Zion

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